Fuelling businesses with awesome finance functions

Our Why

An awesome finance function can fuel the growth of your business.

Unfortunately most start-up’s, SMEs and NGOs cannot afford to have ‘awesome’ and most end up outsourcing to their accountancy firms.

The wonderful accounting firm, great for tax, year-end accounts and compliance but when it comes to adding real value, don’t get your hopes up. Your monthly figures are passed to a fresh-faced junior who hasn’t seen the light of day. (We know because this used to be us!) To them, it’s just numbers on a screen that need to be put somewhere and hopefully they end up in the right places.

Whilst you end up with a set of figures, we’re guessing you’re not receiving much value in terms of strategic and commercial insight. It’s not surprising though. How could they provide this? They’re not IN your business. In fact, they’re nowhere near it.

Your finance function should deliver so much more than numbers. It should be adding bags of value to your business and be fuelling your growth.….. and now it can.

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Our Values

Active Accountability

We stand up and be counted. We thrive on responsibility. We take ownership of our work and we champion taking ownership of our actions. We’re not afraid to ask for help and we run to help each other. We follow through on promises, don’t blame others and support each other in achieving goals

Cultivating Collaboration

When we succeed it’s because we’ve done it together. We harness the power of our collective wisdom, energy and determination. We don’t sit in silos. We work together to improve processes, crack challenges and drive innovation both internally and for our clients. We are the glue that brings everything and everyone together.

Igniting Impact

We are the catalysts. We are the value drivers. We are the enablers. We lay the foundations for success. We provide data and insight that inspires action and allows key decisions to be made proactively. We inspire growth and we make a positive and lasting difference in everything we do.

Future Focused

We face forward. We cannot change the past. We can influence the future. We are the future. We’re concerned with what’s happening next and how we can get there. We’re game changers. We empower our clients to maximize their impact on their own futures.

Our Founders

Marc Obrart

James Segal

Hi! We’re Marc and James, two entrepreneurial, commercially focussed and results driven finance leaders (and no, don’t call us accountants!). We’ve built, led, and transformed finance functions and teams across multiple industries and organisations, facilitating growth, building long term value, and ensuring sustainability.

We’ve set up fin-house to empower businesses to have the awesome finance functions they deserve. That’s right a finance function shouldn’t just be producing numbers it should be driving meaningful impact and value that fuels business growth!

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