our why

At fin-house, we’re on a mission to fuel startups, scaleups and SMEs with awesome finance teams. When we set out on this journey, we knew that tech was crucial, but what we didn’t fully appreciate, was how important and invested we’d be in the human side.

We see our role as accelerating the careers of our team and creating an environment that enables them to supercharge their growth to ultimately become some of the best talent the industry has to offer. In order for that to happen they need diversity of training and a depth of experience and exposure to different industries and business models.

By operating as a finance team-as-a-service, we’re doing exactly that. Our team gain meaningful fractional exposure across all levels of finance and our clients have the benefit of an embedded finance team, focussed on adding value, that’s ready to scale seamlessly as they grow.

your finance team-as-a-service

The options for most startups, scaleups and SMEs when it comes to finance teams are pretty bleak. You either outsource to an accountancy firm who are way too far removed to add any meaningful insight and value or you can only afford to hire one person and almost always they are either too junior or too senior.

Our finance team-as-a-service enables you to have the benefits of a full team on a fractional basis. Which means you get a tailor made formation of talent embedded within your business.

We can scale our support as you grow and hopefully there’ll come a time when you outgrow us and we’ll be able to seamlessly transition you, over time, to having your own in-house team.

supercharging career progression

If working across multiple industries, business models and stakeholders all at the same time wasn’t enough, we further enhance the development of our team through a combination of quarterly progression check-ins, diverse training, targeted and candid feedback and a structured skills ladder.

Compared to traditional industry or practice roles, our team members experience rapid career progression, advancing at twice the speed.

If our talent is going to be some of the best in the industry then they’ll actually need to head off and prove it. As unusual as it might sound, we actually want people to leave to take exciting new roles. It’s a sign that we’re doing something right.

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